Online casinos are the best way for Malaysians to enjoy gambling because most casinos are banned. On the other hand, online gambling has many other advantages over real-world gambling. The main thing is that it is more interesting. You don’t need to walk around, you can play the game comfortably from your home or even from your mobile device. Online casinos have more advantages than land-based casinos. First of all, you can find many game options, game types are updated regularly, more game types are added, various bonuses and promotional offers, VIP system with a great reward program, and customer support 24/7 to help you every time you need it. So, as can be seen from this simple overview, it is easier, more practical and safer to play in an online casino.

Malaysia’s gambling laws

Most gambling in Malaysia is illegal. The gambling laws in Malaysia are actually very clear, except for certain types of gambling, such as casinos in Genting Highlands and shops selling 4D. In addition, all types of gambling that are operated in real buildings or online are prohibited. Islamic law prohibits Muslims from engaging in any gambling activities.

Therefore, one option for gamblers from Malaysia is to choose a foreign casino operated on the Internet. Most of the online casinos malaysia we recommend here are operated and headquartered overseas, and they do not fall under the jurisdiction of the laws of Malaysia. So, if you choose a foreign casino, you will have more privacy.

How do we choose the best casino?

To ensure that the casino we recommend is the best in the world, we have a high standard. We examine a casino from the following aspects, as follows:


We will briefly introduce the casinos we recommend, including their background, year of establishment and company owned. In addition, we will explain the general view and reputation of the page.

Game Type

Generally, a good online casino will have a variety of games. Let’s take a look at the types of games in the casino, including table games, slot machines, scratch cards, video games, lotto, keno, and so on.

Live Casino

Live casinos refer to casino games that are broadcast live through video streaming services. You can participate through the provided channels, and we will evaluate the responsible channels and software providers.

Game Software Provider

A reputable casino will provide games from high-quality and well-known software brands. Excellent software vendors, such as: 96aceinfo, Evolution Gaming, Don99 and many other software vendors, are highly regarded in the online gambling world due to their honesty and transparency.

Layout Of The Gambling Website

This chapter is very important, because it will affect the fun of browsing the website and realize the required columns or information. In addition, the arrangement of links will be checked regardless of whether it is convenient for you.

Mobile Casino

We will let you know whether the casino we are reviewing has a mobile version, and whether this mobile version has an app. If there is no version of the application, usually the casino website can still play games in the application of the Internet browser.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Bonuses and Promotions

The bonus usually takes the form of a percentage of your deposit that is provided to you free of charge. In addition, there are bonuses in the form of cash back and free spins. We will focus on all the major bonuses offered by the casino.

Customer Support

The quality of customer service is an important aspect of an online casino, because you may encounter various problems or problems. We will list the types of support provided and the quality of feedback for each support.


Casinos trying to obtain a license can prove that they are committed to maintaining their reputation and security. Therefore, we will report whether the casino has a license and where the license comes from.

VIP and Security Plan

Most casinos will provide reward programs for loyal gamblers who have played there for a long time, as well as gamblers who bet a lot or with a high bet amount. This plan is called the VIP plan and usually has several criteria. The more you bet, the higher your VIP status.

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